Don't Let Your Distractions Steal Your Dreams + A FREE Worksheet

By Cara Sherice

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” - C.G. Jung

You ever feel so bombarded with information, noise on social media, or advertisements pulling you to buy this and do the point where sometimes we can’t even find our own authentic voice? We spend hours on social media taking in messages and subconsciously feeding ourselves portraits of a fictitious world that in reality….doesn’t meet our own specific needs. And if we are not careful we can be easily pulled by our external world and unconsciously lose our identity along the way. Our own unique voice and thoughts buried beneath all of these distractions. 

I don’t know about you, but distraction was my biggest enemy. In the past I would find myself getting to the end of the day and wondering...where did the time go?! Literally feeling like there was never enough time in a day to get everything I desired to accomplish done. Then I would look over the course of my day and discover pockets of time where I could have been more productive, more aware, and more authentic. Does this sound familiar? 

It’s time to get real AF with yourself, shed some light on what’s happening, and awaken your authentic self. Life is less about portraying this imaginary image or fitting in with popular culture and more about reconnecting with your essential self. That is how change within yourself AND the world happens. 

4 Steps for Getting Rid of Distraction & Cultivating Your Authentic Self  

  1. Your Time is Valuable. Time is such a precious commodity and should be taken seriously, especially when you want to see some massive results in your life. When it comes to choosing what to hold on to and what to release in your life - timing is major key! Take the appropriate time to sit in quietness and seek to gain a more conscious awakening, so you can map out your plan of action, your vision and ultimately design your blueprint to your epic life.

  2. Get More Aware. Awareness comes from being with yourself….I’m talking about REALLY being with yourself. Sit, think, get to know YOU, and then TAKE ACTION. Distraction is there to distract you from taking action. Becoming more aware of your time, how you are spending it and what messages you are taking in is a vital first step. Once you get clear on what your distractions are, why they happen, and if they are in alignment with what you really — and I mean REALLY — desire for you and your Life you can begin moving through life with more power in ALL areas.

  3. Take Action, No Matter How Small. In the past distraction has made me extremely unproductive, but now I have found that starting my day with a clear vision and declaration for what I want to accomplish has allowed me to dramatically transform my days from doing to DONE. I am more aware of how I’m moving through my day and can quickly notice with distractions creep up...whether through conversation, my cell phone, social media, or activities that have nothing to do with my daily focus and the life I am creating. 

  4. Be Here, Be Present. When you are completely in the moment and present it becomes a part of your flow and you get so much more done. Action is something that happens NOW. Each moment is incredibly precious, not because you may miss out on doing something, but because of the wonderful & authentic things you can create in each second. Start asking yourself - which helps me to stay present and focused - what would I like to create with this time? Does this fit into my overall vision and goal? Time is attached to your creativity and with consciousness, you can create life and breathe your dream into your reality.

Don’t let distraction steal your life! Living your life, actualizing your dreams, and fulfilling your purpose starts here.

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