To build new leaders, new visionaries, and new voices. Encouraging a generation of women to come together to break the chains of limitations and believe in new possibilities. PrettiPassionate is a message, a movement, and a platform for change. Our mission is to transform the conversation around life and what it means to truly live. We are committed to working together to celebrate self-discovery, empower our dreams, evolve our minds, take risks, and never stop believing.


PrettiPassionate is a social community, lifestyle, and multifaceted personal development destination that aims to connect with women around the world to provide them with fresh experiences that drive new perspectives on life, so they can begin the work of finding their purpose. We strive everyday to make an impact by empowering a network of women to develop a vision for their life, harness their passion; then use it to elevate the world through discovery within 15 key pillars.


If you are a woman determined to bring more fulfillment into your life, design the grandest vision for your life, live more meaningful experiences, discover your gifts and then act upon them ...then PrettiPassionate is the place for you. Our members enjoy a lifetime of friendships, access to ground-breaking workshops, conferences, personal growth, and more!

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.
— Oprah Winfrey