It’s about creating experiences and connections, and Cara Sherice specializes in just that.

Founder of PrettiPassionate, LLC, Empowerment Coach, speaker and former New York City Integrated Marketing professional with an appetite for living her best life; Cara fell in love with using her voice and passions to ignite that same fire in others. 

Cara’s resume as an Integrated Marketing professional is expansive and includes working with influential brands such as State Farm, Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and CoverGirl (to name a few). Additionally, she’s extended her knowledge and acumen to entertainment and lifestyle media outlets such as iHeartRadio, Seventeen Magazine,  Complex Magazine, The Source and ESSENCE Magazine.

Inspired by her experiences, Cara recognized a need to show others that despite the current economic and cultural climate, living life on your own terms is possible and not a dream deferred. Through the same understanding she uses daily to develop marketing campaigns, she identified the missing puzzle piece in the lives of a diverse audience of women who beg the question: how can I design and own a passionate life?

The answer came with the launch of PrettiPassionate, a platform geared towards transforming the conversation around life and what it means to truly live. And since customization is key for Cara, designing a quintessential package of life’s greater possibilities is what fueled her.

The goal with PrettiPassionate is to plant a seed of discovery that encourages women across the globe to harness their unique story to market to the world, connect with one another, as well as gain new ideas and perspectives on life, so they can then begin the groundwork to finding their true purpose. PrettiPassionate is a movement that offers support for women on their journey to self-discovery. By providing experiences that help to uncover their true passions, the end goal is to build and strengthen their confidence to live life fearlessly. PrettiPassionate comes to life through live events that cultivate new connections, collaborations, partnerships, advice from inspirational women across the country, and shared experiences with those who are prettipassionate about what life has to offer.

By letting others know that your story is your super power and it’s OK to be vulnerable and ask for help; Cara is committed to funneling women with the tools to discover how they want to be viewed, the type of value they want to add to the world, and how they want people to feel in their presence.

It’s the challenge to be more innovative while creating new ways to connect and empower women, that forces her to grow and explore new layers of operating at her highest potential; knowing that there is a vision bigger than she can imagine. Cara doesn’t just want to be remembered by what she did, but how she made people feel and knowing she was able to plant a seed that encouraged and strengthened others to follow their dreams of living a life of abundance that they love.