PrettiPassionate Profiles: From Depression to Passion with Jill Pollard

We are extremely excited to be introducing our new series,  PrettiPassionate Profiles. In this series we'll be highlighting amazing women from around the world....those who are members, people we admire, and close friends of the PrettiPassionate brand. We'll be digging deep into their story of triumph, discovery, and growth as they journey through the path of finding their true purpose and designing a life they love.

Our hope is that you will read these stories and be inspired. That you will be able to take away some key insight to help you on your journey!

So first up, we had the pleasure of interviewing Jill Pollard! I'm super excited for this interview. There are tons of key takeaways. Enjoy!


Name: Jill Pollard

Location: Kauai

Title: Intuitive Healer

Jill is an intuitive empath, energy healer, and a very deep feeling being! She has found resoluteness in identifying as an empath and loves her work in the world holding space for others to find their truth and inner divinity. She offers one-on-one work, coaching, workshops, gatherings, online meditations, and the like! She is marked by her turquoise jewelry, curly head of blonde hair, and groovy dance moves. Mental health is near and dear to her and her passion about the topic fuels a lot of the work she does, as well as her passion to educate women on their uniqueness, capabilities, and self-worth. 

Q: How did you stumble upon your amazing path with your practice, and business?

I've always been very sensitive. I was teased by my family for being so quick to cry. What I didn't understand about myself was that this "sensitivity" was a beautiful, deep intuitive gift! Without understanding, it caused many years of dark depression and suicidal thoughts. I was trapped in my emotion body, drowning in other people's energy. Once I started to channel it's powers, understand energy, protect myself and practice self care, I broke free from limiting beliefs and embodied my truth. My spiritual path has been unconventional but it has taught me so much. It lead me to want to help others do the same. So much of my understanding was piecing together information from many, many resources and now that I have a deep understanding of it all and continue to grow, I live to teach and hold space for others going through transformation. 


Q: When was the moment you knew this was your passion and you had to pursue this journey?
When I found freedom from my depression, I knew I had to pursue helping others find it too. Seeing it from a spiritual perspective, and understanding energy were key parts and now it's a passion to help others find that freedom. 

Q: Who inspired you into taking this path?

Michael Singer, the author of The Untethered Soul, was a key inspiration in finding this path. That book affected me so deeply, and he taught me how to become an observer of my thoughts, connect to my soul and experience so much freedom from the pain and suffering by living with my heart open. Another inspiration was Rochelle Schieck, a woman who teaches movement and dance as a way to embodiment through a practice called Qoya. I was able to free my body of so much emotional pain by dancing and moving my way through.

Q: Who was the first person who believed in you? 

The first person to believe in me was my best friend Janette Casolary. We were high school friends, but became close after I hired her to be my doula for my second birth in 2011. She understood me on a level that no body ever has. She has been my first client, my deepest space holder and the person who held me through my darkest times and spiritual awakenings. She always tells me how powerful I am and she reminds me of it constantly. She believes in the gifts of intuition and the deep feminine and she supports me deeply in my work and process. She'll let me test new ideas on her and helps me refine my work. I am lucky to have someone who holds my heart so sacred. She is my sister goddess. 


Q: What was the moment you knew you could be successful at your path?

I knew when I started channeling information as a medium accurately, that I was on to something. I was once working with another psychic medium and starting sensing and feeling things from her energy and when I shared them, and she confirmed, I felt I could be successful at it too! To be able to connect to a space that is unseen and unheard and bring forward information that isn't being said aloud is incredible. Once I started practicing with clients and having success with helping them heal and come home to their body and heart, I knew I wanted to do this all the time! 

Q: When did you know you could make a living at it?

It definitely took a few years of confidence building to know I could make a living at it. I had to really heal my self-worth stories and open to the belief that I was gifted. I was practicing behind closed doors on my best friend for years before I tried energy work on clients! Even in my first year and half of business I felt tremendous doubt and fear. Eventually, after enough time, I was able to believe in myself and know that the work I'm doing is making an impact and I'm allowed to charge for it! 

Q: How do you define success for yourself? How do you define success for the path that you're on?

Success for me is an inner journey. It's a feeling inside. I've had to fight the demons of society's views on success to determine and create a space for my version. Success is an open heart and fulfilled spirit. It's honoring the present and loving deeply. It's being in alignment, in the right places at the right time. 

Q: Give us a typical day in your life.

I am definitely an early bird. The minute my consciousness wakes up, I can't fall back asleep. I usually wake naturally around 6 or 6:30am. I lie in bed and do my morning meditation. I cleanse each of my chakras with my breath and intention. I practice gratitude for things that have happened or are happening. I then focus on channeling the feelings of things I am trying to manifest. I focus on things like my health, abundance, business, and home life. I sit in the sensations and feelings of having those things here and now. I open my heart and body to align with them. My focus is to let go of my identity as Jill, and join the greater consciousness of Love. If I can't get into my mediation, I will get up and stretch. 


After I've completed that, I will get my 3 kids ready for school. I take my supplements and eat breakfast. (Supplements are super important for me. As a highly sensitive person, I can drain my body of minerals and energy that it needs!) After I drop them off, I will either attend an exercise class or come home and do some Movement as Medicine (dancing in my living room). From about 10-12pm I will work on content creation, responding to emails, and growing my business. I also take my client sessions from early morning to mid afternoon. I break for a lunch. Food is important to me and I try and eat nutritious, delicious meals to help keep my energy going. 

When I'm not feeling like working, I listen to my energy. If it's an off day I will take time away to get outside and head to the beach. Sometimes I am a homebody and will do some reading or journaling too. 

Once I pick up my kids at 3pm I am more in mothering mode. We have to do homework and I make dinner. We read and sometimes watch a movie together. Since I'm up early, I like to head to bed by 9pm. I try and stay off my phone for a good nights sleep. Once I lie down, I take some deep breathes and cleanse my energy again. Grounding myself and clearing my head for a good nights sleep. I know my day has been successful when I want to tell my husband every juicy detail before I close my eyes to go to sleep! 

Q: What’s been your most important skill you've developed on your path?

Connecting to my intuition and heart space. It is invaluable and I used it everyday! I am constantly asking my body what it wants and needs :)

Q: What’s been your greatest challenge on your path?

Overcoming my self worth stories. I was in a deep dark depression that lead me to believe I was worthless and shouldn't live. That darkness and story took years to overcome and rebuild trust in my body and self. 


Q: What’s been your greatest reward in the choices you've made to do this?

The freedom from the darkness. Having tools and awareness that make me feel empowered and free. It's given me the reward of understanding my sensitivity and how to use it and love it. 

Q: Do you have a personal motto or a phrase that best represents you?


Q: What is one key takeaway that you would like to leave for our readers? That you are enough. Right now. In this moment. You are not broken. Not everything your mind says is true. Start listening to your body. Connect with your soul. Breathe past thoughts and into your depths. You are incredible. You are loved. 

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Instagram: @ohheyjillpollard